Using Contextual Marketing To Increase Sales

When ever someone mentions the term Search Engine Marketing (SEM) two words automatically come to mind – Volume and Exposure. These are things that all businesses need to create an ongoing stream of income. Search Engine Marketing allows you to promote your business to thousands of potential customers. It costs a great deal less than traditional print media like newspapers and direct mail letters which are mass marketing options. This is great news for small business owners who have very small marketing budgets. SEM is a simple concept. You need to build a site and then optimize the content based on keywords that receive good results in search engines.

The better your optimization, the higher your placings will be. The internet promotes your business 24-7 but the problem is that you can wait weeks or even months for the search engines cross reference with your site and your keywords. And of course there is no guarantee they will do it at all which can be a problem. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Engine Marketing eliminates this waiting for search engine indexing and automatically secures your placing in the top search results positions when people do a search for your keywords. All you need to do is bid on the keywords you want referenced. The higher the amount that you bid, the higher your placing will be in the results. With PPC you only pay for results when someone clicks on your add in the placings. You  can build your opt-in list quicker, test product ideas and marketing campaigns, and reach potential customers faster. Of course to remain competitive, you must increase your bid to stay in the top results and for some keywords that can translate up to $5 or more per click. Both SEM and PPC have commonalities.

They both drive targeted visitors to your site and there is a learning period where you can pay little money to test the system and then build up your bids as you learn which keywords are more effective. Ongoing tweaking is very important. Contextual marketing, the latest way to market online shows the same effectiveness as SEM and PPC but without all the hassles. Not only does it produce volume and exposure, it~s also fast and easy to use The potential of contextual marketing is staggering and takes the best of both SEM and PPC to greater levels. Your ad appears within the web page content instead of appearing on the side or top sections of search engines. People reading your advertisement in the search results have already pre-qualified themselves because they are searching for what you have to offer. This way you receive a more targeted visitor who can translate into a sale. If you have been looking for a cost effective way to reach new targeted customers, then contextual marketing might well be the option for you. Try it and compare!

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