Mazimize Autoresponder Use To Boost Online Business

Are you getting the most from your autoresponder? If not, you are losing a chance for better marketing visibility, increased customer contact, greater number of repeat visitors and more revenue. And of course, losing anything is not a good business goal. Perhaps the most common autoresponder use is lead capture. Website visitors are offered information if they provide a name and email address. A typical technique is to to promote a lead capture page through a pay-per-click campaign, offering tantalizing information that’s just a click away once the email address is provided. And once on your list, the lead can be sent sales messages eventually as follow ups to an information series. But there are many other ways to incorporate autoresponders, and when used in combination, some could have a dramatic impact on your bottom line.

Autoresponder use beyond lead capture can be slotted into two categories, though the lines may blur at times:

Marketing: sending information to enhance or promote sales.

Services: making information available to customers or visitors, helping to increase business visibility, draw return traffic and ensure customer satisfaction.

In the marketing category, here are four powerful ways to use autoresponders:

1. Tossing a customer survey into the autoresponder message mix can provide you with valuable information about your business techniques, especially if you offer a gift of some kind for completion. The survey can be timed to go out after a certain period, after completion of an information series or after a fixed number of sales.

2. Sending an unadvertised bonus or customer appreciation gift can strengthen relationships. The gift should go out early rather than late, to help retain someone who might be wavering about staying with you. Long-term customers should get an occasional surprise too, because they can be costly to replace.

3. Affiliate support: training materials and motivational messages can be sent on a schedule.

4. When someone unsubsribes, ask for feedback and offer a free gift. Though this likely won’t keep the person on your list, you create goodwill that may spread to other potential customers. And you can exchange gift products with other marketers that each of you will use for unsubscribes. He loses a customer, and perhaps you gain one, and vice versa. Depending on the type of web site you have, you might compile a long list of autoresponder uses for the services category. Free reports are a typical use, and they can serve to cross over into marketing by linking to subscriptions that carry a stronger sales message.

Your services list could also include:

1. Responses to frequently asked questions.

2. Details on your services and products.

3. Ezine archives.

4. Endorsements or testimonials, if you have a lot. Always ask that these be passed along.

5. Relevant reference material that’s in the public domain (tagged with your identifier, of course).

6. Any lengthy material.

Since many Internet users are on dial-up, providing material that can be read offline is a courteous practice. And excellent service translates into another marketing vehicle, one that the autoresponder can enhance nicely.

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